About Us

    The handicrafts we provide use high-quality materials that are compliant and environmentally friendly, and we invite excellent handicraft designers to design products that beautify life and meet people's aesthetics. It makes people feel physically and mentally happy, while relaxing and decompressing, and at the same time, they can get security protection. Simple European and American style, light luxury without exaggeration, showing the owner's low-key and high-quality life taste.


    In the past 20 years of experience in the handicraft industry, in the exchanges with many suppliers and traders, I found that most of the products on the market are too rigid, rough, not environmentally friendly, and lacking in spirituality, which cannot meet people's pursuit of beautifying life. Out of love for life and crafts, in the spring of 2017, together with several garden lovers, the brand Monadecor was founded. I hope to design and produce products that are closer to life, beautify life, relax, and are environmentally friendly and safe for consumers to choose and use.
    If you are a person who pursues the quality of life, the pursuit of environmental protection, and the pursuit of relaxation, you can choose our products to decorate your home or garden, and have your own share of relaxation in your spare time.
    Bringing safe, environmentally friendly, beautiful and classic decorations to everyone, making it so simple to beautify life and relax.


    In 2017, with a team of only 3 people, we founded Monadecor with a common development concept. In the development time of several years, we have developed and designed a series of products such as Mona01 – Mona20, and injected simple, fashionable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly styles and concepts into the products, and sold them on Amazon, EBAY, Walmart, Wayfair and other platforms, and widely acclaimed. Therefore, starting from 2020, we decided to bring the brand Monadecor to the independent station, so that more friends can see newer and better products, and provide more affordable and high-quality products to lovers of life.

    Email: support@monadecor.com

    Contact number: +8618559304913

    Address: No. 452-30, Tongyuan Street, Huacheng Community, Huada Street, Fengze District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province